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Residential Painting Case Studies: Remaining Faithful to the Historical District in Fairfield, CT

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 by Info MDF Painting


A historic district is an area that contains homes or structures that are architecturally significant because of when they were built. This is decided at a federal or state level. Considering today’s building standards, this usually involves restrictions on remodeling so that the distinctive characteristics that make the property qualify as historic can be preserved. Any chemical treatments that could damage the surface are strictly prohibited and MDF kept this in mind as we accepted a job for Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fairfield.

 All plans to renovate had to be pre-approved by the Historic District before anything was started. This church has been sitting on the Fairfield Green since 1853 and the previous jail that had been on the land is now part of the church’s cellar.  The call to MDF was prompted by lead paint peeling off the building after the recent storms. The church invited the company to bid for painting the church exterior doors and window trims, painting the Parish Hall and adjoining sections, as well as overseeing repairs on the building. The parish's main concerns were to formulate a plan to safely prepare all the wooden surfaces, encapsulate the old lead paint, and to maximize the longevity of the paint job so future maintenance would be minimal. 


In order to maintain the church as a historical landmark, MDF treated areas with loose and peeling paint with “Peel-Away” chemical stripper so they could be gently removed. Any alligatored areas with multiple cracks were treated with Sherwin Williams PrimeRX Peel Bond. Areas around the windows were re-caulked as needed. To prepare the holes in the wood, MDF picked a 2-part Bondo Wood Filler. Bare wood was coated with a slow drying oil primer to ensure any paint added would last longer.  Then, the existing colors were matched as the exterior doors and trim were painted with  Sherwin Williams Emerald Satin grade paint. This particular brand of paint is resistant to mildew, while fighting fade and peeling to ensure longevity, even in harsh New England weather.

The parish was very happy with the work and the church looks as beautiful as ever! MDF is proud to ensure this landmark will be enjoyed by parishioners for years to come.


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