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Make a Difference.
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We aren't just a company, we're a family.
We are growing and always looking for the best people to join our team.

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Our Vision

To Be CT's Painter of Choice. To Be The Employer of Choice.

Our Mission

We are a Team of Extraordinary Employees! We Work Great Together so Our Customers say WOW.

Our Values

We Work as a United Team. We Communicate. We Believe in Constant, Never Ending Improvement. We are Leaders... not followers.

Certified Craftsmen with a Vibrant Future.

Be around other painting professionals who take their job as seriously as you do.

"Every day I vow to work hard to make our vision a reality.  The truth is that we are continually building a system that rewards "first-class" action & attracts "first-class" people." --Mark DeFrancesco

Why Work at MDF?

A winning team who can set you on a clear career path.

Rewards and Benefits

High Pay based on Productivity

$29.35-50 per man hour of productivity. Guaranteed Winter Pay.

Vested PTO

Paid time off

Clear Scopes of Work and Feedback

Praise and Reprimands from crew leaders. Encouraging Leadership. Opportunity for Career Advancement.


Weekly Crew Leader breakfast. Snacks. Regular Family events, such as bowling, summer beach picnic, etc. Monthly Equipment Deals. Quarterly New Product Development. Monthly and Annual Prizes for "Best Crew Leader" & "Most Satisfied Customers."

Health Insurance Bonus

Vested Health Insurance Bonus.

401 K Plan

Vested 401K Plan with MassMutual. Company Profit Sharing Plan.