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Step Ladder Saftey

    Using a step ladder is so common, people often forget the risks involved when doing so. But falling from a ladder could be fatal, so we advise that you use this OSHA compliance guideline to avoid accidents. The step ladders our painters and crew leaders carry typically come in 2 sizes, 6 and 8 feet. It's crucial to use the correct height for the task at hand. If you feel you might come up short, replace the ladder with a taller one instead of trying to balance and stretch. Don't add height with boxes or toolboxes and add an unstable element to it. Make sure the ground you set up on is steady enough to hold not only the ladder in place but your body weight as well. Do not try to ascend a ladder that hasn't been opened fully, or while carrying heavy tools. These could both lead to a loss of balance. Each ladder rung should have about 10-14 inches of space between each one, so there's enough room to firmly plant feet.
    Make sure the step ladder in use is completely clean, without paint, primer, or stain spills. Using them the way they were designed, and not for extra support or a make-shift scaffold, is the best practice.


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