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Scaffolding Safety

     MDF Painting works on residential and commercial painting projects. When painting, staining or repairing a home, our employees will utilize ladders for those hard to reach spots. When working on a commercial project, we rely on heavier equipment, such as a boom or scaffolding, to paint higher areas of a building. MDF sticks to the following safety guidelines to avoid accidents:

  • Any scaffolding equipment is inspected by a knowledgeable team member and approved for use before anyone climbs onto it. A second check will be performed by the person using it to be extra cautious. Any problems are reported to supervisors such as a Crew Leader or Customer Happiness Specialist before use.
  • MDF craftsmen will not use any damaged equipment, including scaffolds and other ladders. They also will not remove anything from equipment, unless instructed to do so from a supervisor. 
  • Fall protection, such as guardrails and harnesses, are utilized to prevent accidents.
  • Our painters and carpenters will not use planks from scaffolding as walkways. Our crews come prepared with other equipment necessary for these projects.
  • MDF employees know to never intentionally drop equipment or other materials from scaffolding. They will also wear hard hats and be mindful of any falling equipment. 
  • Any spills on the job site, whether on the ground or up high, are cleaned immediately, to reduce any chance of injury while working. 
  • Painters and carpenters keep scaffolding equipment free of clutter. No one will stack this type of equipment on top of boxes or ladders to extend the height.
  • Anyone who is under the influence of medication should consult with their doctor before using scaffolding equipment. They should also talk to their supervisor before moving the scaffolding from one place to another.

   Our employees take safety standards seriously. They work in a clean, safe, and efficient way to give you the best work possible. Call us today for a free estimate!

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