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Lifting Safety Protocols

 As painters and carpenters, MDF employees often have to lift tools. They are cautious when painting on the job site to ensure a safe project. Before handling any lifting, they inspect it to make sure there are no jagged edges, slivers, burrs, slippery surfaces, or protruding nails. They know their physical limits and will ask for help to lift heavy objects. Before lifting, our employees always clean their hands to avoid any wet paint or oil accidents. These are the best practices:

  • Make sure you have a firm grip on the object before moving. If you need them, gloves can help.
  • Avoid placing your fingers near pinch points, like where drawers and doors meet.
  • The correct posture for lifting is easy to learn. Keep one foot alongside the object, while the other is behind it. Maintain your body weight over your feet, with your back straight. The best way to keep your back's alignment is to tuck your chin slightly. Tuck your arms and elbows in to your side and lift the object using your whole hand.
  • Staying close to it will help your balance. Keep your knees bent to help feel more comfortable. From here, use your leg muscles as you lift. Avoid twisting and turning. If you do need to turn as you carry, change your foot position, and make sure your path is clear. 
  • When you set the object down, use your leg muscle the same way you did when you lifted it. Make sure the object is placed down securely before moving away. 

MDF Painters take the utmost care when working in your home. We provide clean and quality paint jobs with experienced workers, so your mind will be at ease while we work. Call us for a free estimate today!


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