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Basement Painting

 Homes with basements can have various degrees of finishing. If you have an unfinished basement, it might serve only as a storage space. This typically means the floor is bare concrete, the walls could be plain, and the ceiling could have exposed pipes or wiring. When they add more comfortable touches to this area, homeowners can end up with usable and versatile space. So how do you prep an area like this for painting?

  • Areas to be painted: Think of what you want the space to be. If you're just painting the walls and leaving the basement bare, adding white will make it look finished and clean with minimal effort. If you have bigger plans, considering painting the ceiling, even if left exposed. 
  •  Product selection: Basements can have little to no natural light, so when painting, you have to consider this factor. Because they are submerged, there could be moisture issues naturally occurring. For these reasons, satin finishes work well in basements. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams carry a large variety of colors in satin finishes for their paint products. 
  • Colors: As previously stated, shades of white are popular in basements because they bring light and simplicity. You can achieve a similar look by incorporating pastel shades of your favorite color if white isn't your favorite. For painting ceilings, an emerging trend is exposed and painted dark. It adds an intentional industrial feel that is cost and labor efficient. Find inspiration for treading color schemes on our Pinterest page.

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